Welcome to the BigEasy

My Aunt Linda just died.  Aunt Linda knew thangs.  Stuff she picked up from experience or even dreams.  I would call her a Christian mystic (and I’m not sure I believe in either of those things). The point is,you couldn’t keep secrets from her, and if she had advice you better listen.  Right before she died, she told me a whole heap of stuff, one item being “Write a book.”  Well I write poetry, not books, so this blog is going to be my attempt to sort out my old and new experiences and figure out what is worth sharing.

The physical TK SpeakEasy is my new home in Lima, Ohio with my husband Jacob.  Besides our taste for most things alcoholic, reading some the upcoming posts should explain why it was dubbed so.  The TK SpeakEasy site is the place where I have decided to finally play, write, rant, and record my experiences.  There is no self promotional motivation, no hopes of becoming widely read, just me finally having fun with the keyboard and screen.  If you are here, it is because you have stumbled across this site or I personally invited you to read a specific post.  Either place you visit, thanks for stoppin by, feel free to comment and such, and please don’t hesitate to come again.

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